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BioRhythm Kre Alkalyn 240 caps

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Kreakalyn pH balanced creatine formula is beyond standard creatine, even beyond other formulas. Time releases, with added absoprtion factors.

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BioRhythm Kre Alkalyn (240 Caps)

KRE-ALKALYN Advanced Creatine is a pH buffered creatine compound, made using the most advanced technology and the biggest scientific breakthroughs. Whilst the benefits of creatine have been exhaustedly researched over the past 12 years, BioRhythm have invested only the best, patented compounds into Kre-Alkalyn to give users the most superior results possible.

What are the benefits?

Kre-Alkalyn by BioRhythm contains a synergistic blend of complex compounds including Creatine monohydrate, Creatine Ethyl Ester, Di-Creatine and Tri-Creatine Malate, as well as many others. This advanced formula represents significant breakthroughs in creatines ability to be absorbed by the body and the potential to build muscle mass. However, all are limited by the same problem, the issue of conversion. Without the benefit of a synthesized buffering manufacturing process (patent #6,399,661) they all will convert to creatinine within minutes.

Creatinine differs to Creatine, it is simply a useless metabolic biproduct which when built up causes bloating, stomach and muscle cramps commonly associated with creatine supplementation.

Kre-Alkalyn Compound eliminates this previously necessary loading phase and the associated pains of conventional creatines. BioRhythms patented Kre-Alkalyn Compound represents the best creatine has to offer, the benefits of significant muscle pump and vascularity without these negative side effects of creatinine.

Mix it up- you could add this anabolic agent to any pre-workout routine or supplement stack for increased bioavailability. For an absolutely insanely charged workout and long lasting muscle engorgement, stack Kre-Alkalyn with BioRhythm's great-tasting Arnge Krush.

240 Capsules

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BioRhythm Kre Alkalyn 240 caps

Krealkalyn: Kreakalyn pH balanced creatine formula is beyond standard creatine, even beyond other kreakalyn-creatine formulas. Time releases, with added absoprtion factors make this creatine the premium creatine choice on the market

Kre-Alkalyn, the cuting edge creatine formula from Biorhythm is like no other creatine formula you have ever seen. Biorhythm ADS, stands for - Advanced Dietary Supplements - and when you see the bleeding edge science behind their formulas, you can clearly see what makes Biorhythm a premium cutting edge brand, leaving the supplement competition in the dark ages. Kre-Alkalyn formula simply excels creatine supplementation to the next level - strength and muscle gains are unbelievable. Biorhythm's Kre-Alkalyn Creatine formula is a pH balanced advanced strength and size system developed for safe use by either male or female athletes.