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Lonsdale T2 Energy Drink (Box of 12)

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A delicious fruit flavoured drink containing a potent blend of amino acids, a cocktail of herbal stimulants to deliver powerful feeling of well being

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Lonsdale T2 Energy Drink - Fruit Drink (Box of 12)

T2 is a delicious tasting Energy drink from sports brand Lonsdale designed to give you that must needed boost of energy when your stamina is flagging.

What are the benefits?

T2 energy drink contains a potent mix of amino acids, combined with natural herbal stimulants in order to give you an immediate feeling of alertness. An energy drink unlike no other, it can be described as tasting similar to well known energy drinks on the market, but offers a much bigger and better rush in energy.

T2 Fruit Drink also contains Ginseng, which is a known aphrodisiac and energy stimulator, plus Ginkgo Biloba that works by opening blood vessels. Wider blood vessels are able to oxygenate blood quicker which then, in turn, fuels your muscles faster. This stimulates tired muscles for a short term burst of energy which is great for sportsmen/active individuals.

The blend of these potent ingredients have been known to work together to increase metabolic rate, overall mental focus, concentration levels, and an overall feeling of well being.

Who is it for?

Londsale’s T2 Energy Drink can be used by anyone and everyone who needs a short term boost in energy or responsiveness. Whether it is to get you through an intensive workout, or to stimulate you at work, the delicious flavor is enjoyed by all and it particularly potent for a noticeable increase in energy and focus.

Box of 12 Bottles

Each bottle contain 330ml

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Lonsdale T2 Energy Drink - Fruit Drink (Box of 12)

A delicious fruit flavoured drink containing a potent blend of amino acids, a cocktail of herbal stimulants to deliver a powerful feeling of well being and an energy surge, which has probably never been experienced before. T2 contains herbs such as Ginseng which stimulates energy and is also known aphrodisiac, Ginkgo Biloba to open the blood vessels wider to oxygenate the blood faster delivering the other stimulants into the system more rapidly.

The synergistic properties of these stimulants may increase your metabolic rate, concentration levels and overall feeling of well-being.

Lonsdale T2 Energy Drink - Directions
Consume to increase energy and endurance levels as as improved mental abilities: resonsiveness, attentiveness and concentration.

Lonsdale T2 Energy Drink - Nutritional Information

Amount Per Bottle (100ml)
Energy 7.5kcal
Protein 360mg
Carbs 100mg
Fat Trace
Vitamin C 4.55mg
Vitamin E 0.75mg
Niacin 1.4mg
Thiamin 0.11mg
Riboflavin 0.13mg
Vitamin B6 0.15mg
Vitamin B12 0.22mg
Folic Acid 0.45mg
Ginseng 30mcg
Ginko bilboa 45mg
Caffeine 42mg
Taurine 363mg