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USN Casein Protein - Vanilla (908g)

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Quick Overview

USN Casein Protein, a precise time release protein drink engineered for prolonged amino acid uptake and muscle protection.

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USN Casein  Protein - Vanilla 



USN Casein  Protein - Vanilla 

USN Casein  Protein is a precise time release protein supplement specially formulated prolonged amino acid uptake and muscle protection.

What are the benefits?

A fusion of Calcium Caseinate and Aminogen, USN 8 Hour Premium Casein is an ideal choice for individuals seeking fast, complete muscle recovery and amino acid release.

Unlike Whey, which is rapidly absorbed by the body, Calcium Caseinate is an anti-catabolic, insoluble, milk-derived, slow-digesting protein, meaning the body continues to be replenished for a prolonged time period after consumption.  It is an ideal supplement to take before bedtime.

Aminogen is an enzyme that has been proven to break down protein, improve absorption of amino acids, increase BCAA absorption and increase Nitrogen retention.  It also promotes protein digestion, meaning it can rapidly decrease or eliminate the bloating or constipation that is caused by whey Protein.

Who is it for?

USN 8 Hour Premium Casein is one of the market leaders for athletes with a goal to increasing their lean muscle mass and strength, while benefiting from deep muscle recovery.  Suitable for male and female individuals of all fitness levels.


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Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 2 scooops (45g)
    Per 100g Per 45g
Energy    1575kj  (375kcal) 473kj  (112kcal)
Protein   88.4g 26.5g
Carbohydrate   1.8g 0.5g
Fat    1.0g 0.5g
Dietary Fiber   0.6g 0.3g
Sodium   20mg 0.2g
Potassium   20mg 6mg
Calcium   1340mg 402mg
TYPICAL AMINO ACID PROFILE (Per 100g protein)      
L-Alanine  L-Arginine   L-Aspartic Acid  L-Cysteine/Cystine  L-Glutamic Acid/L-Glutamine  L-Glycine  L-Histidine  L-Isoleucine* (BCAA)  L-Leucine* (BCAA)  L-Lysine*  L-Methionine*  L-Phenylalanine*  L-Proline  L-Serine  L-Threonine*  L-Tryptophan *  L-Tyrosine  L-Valine* (BCAA)     2800mg  3700mg  6000mg  400mg  20400mg  1800mg  3000mg  4800mg  8100mg  7200mg  3100mg  4800mg  1000mg  5600mg  4100mg  600mg  5500mg  6000mg 
*Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)

USN PREMIUM 8 HR CASEIN a precise time release protein drink engineered for prolonged amino acid uptake and muscle protection.

USN PREMIUM 8 HR CASEIN contains pure spray-dried calcium caseinate and Aminogen®. It supports rapid, complete muscle recovery and is scientifically formulated to ensure an optimal, steady amino acid release into the body, without any bloating effects.  Unlike whey, which is absorbed quickly in the body, calcium caseinate is an insoluble, slow digesting, milk-derived protein. Calcium caseinate can take up to four hours to digest. This makes calcium caseinate an excellent choice of protein right before bedtime, since it offers a slow, steady synthesis of aminos, promoting muscle mass. It has also been shown to be anti-catabolic.  Aminogen® is a patented, designer enzyme which breaks down protein and improves amino acid absorption. A natural, plantderived enzyme, Aminogen® is ideal for increasing lean body mass and strength and promoting deep muscle recovery. It has been shown to increase Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) absorption specifically, as well as nitrogen retention. Aminogen® does all this while supporting protein digestion and reducing or eliminating the gas, bloating and constipation protein can sometimes cause.


  • Prolong Controlled Nitrogen Molecule Release
  • ƒƒSlow digesting protein suitable for between meals and during the sleeping phase
  • ƒƒConstant flow of amino acids through your blood stream long after ingestion
  • ƒƒEliminates a catabolic environment
  • ƒƒMaximum amino acid absorption
  • ƒƒHigh quality amino acid profile


  • ƒƒAny person who needs a high quality, balanced protein shake.
  • ƒƒDeveloped for athletes & bodybuilders who want to build lean muscle.
  • ƒƒIt’s ideal for active people following a low carb eating plan.

Recommended Use:

Add 2 scoops to 450-500ml of water and shake for 30 seconds. Take twice each day-once between meals and once before bedtime for optimal results.