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USN L-Glutamine Powder (500g)

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Glutamine is an amino acid. During intense training, your muscle L-Glutamine levels drop sharply

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USN L-Glutamine Powder 500g

What is L-Glutamine Powder?

USN L-Glutamine Powder is a semi-essential amino acid, which is popular with bodybuilders and athletes who want to maintain strength and restrict muscle loss.

What are its benefits?

USN L-Glutamine Powder is a great addition to a healthy diet for any athlete/individual that takes part in physical activity and requires a specific level of muscle mass.  As L-Glutamine ensures that the cells increase in volume immediately, muscle cells appear larger, get a better pump and help with protein synthesis. 

Because of this, supplementation of L-Glutamine has long been a favourite with bodybuilders and has been proven to improve performance during high-intensity training sessions and aid recovery afterwards by restoring reserves which have become depleted through training. 

Other benefits of L-Glutamine include helping muscle cells utilize both protein and carbohydrates, helping combat the detrimental effects of ammonia and helping the body secrete Human Growth hormone (HGH), which metabolises body fat and enhances muscle growth.

Who is it for

As well as bodybuilders and athletes who train to a high level, L-Glutamine is increasingly being used by individuals as an aid for general well being. 

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Serving Size: Teaspoon Amount per serving per 2.5 grams

L-Glutamine 2500mg


A pure, free form anti-catabolic amino acid. A multi-functional amino acid, used to increase muscle strength, speed up recovery, prevent muscle breakdown & increase natural hGH

Glutamine is an amino acid. During intense training, your muscle L-Glutamine levels drop sharply. This, in turn decreases strength, stamina and recovery. Research demonstrates that following a rigorous workout, it may take up to six days for L-Glutamine levels to return to normal without supplementation. Without adequate levels of L-Glutamine, it is impossible for protein synthesis to occur.

L-Glutamine also increases cell volumization immediately. Volumized muscle cells appear larger, get a better pump and assist in protein synthesis. In fact, L-Glutamine helps muscle cells to utilize both protein and carbohydrates. L-Glutamine also acts as a powerful ammonia scavenger. Ammonia is a highly toxic substance to muscle cells.

Finally, L-Glutamine increases the body's ability to secrete Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH assists in metabolising body fat and helos to support new muscle tissue growth. Research demonstrates that the muscles can benefit from a minium of 2 to 5 additional grams of L-Glutamine daily.

There are no negative side effects to L-Glutamine use.




  • Prevents muscle breakdown.
  • Speeds up recovery.
  • Increases muscle stamina & strength.
  • Increases hGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels.

Recommended Usage

Take 2-5 servings per day, including before and after workout, and before bed.